Monday, December 17, 2012

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Let me start this post by saying that my one sister is a professional Tarot Card Reader.  A damn good Tarot Card Reader.  She's been doing it since the 1970's and over the last decade or so has been attending all sorts of metaphysical classes to hone her skill.  In fact, she has started teaching classes and is often a guest speaker at other classes.  It's all positive energy, white light and good things in general. 

I tag along with her to many of these classes and I have had the pleasure of meeting some very interesting people, including: angel readers, mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, tea name a few. 

These people are the real deal.  They are not fakes, quacks or wannabe's.  They are not for the faint of heart.   This is serious shizz people.

As many of you know, I am separated from my husband and we will not be reconciling.  It's been over 6 months now and I finally feel ready to move forward with a new chapter in my life.  So, my sister decided to make me a  very special candle to help me find new romance. 

She makes hand-carved custom candles for all sorts of things, like love, money, power, luck, success, happiness, winning a court case, name can be done.  This post is dedicated to my sister and I want to document each step of her custom candle making for you.  It's really cool....but you have to believe!

The candles are about 8" high and 3" thick.  They come in a variety of colors and each color means something different. 

She starts the process by making a red "seal" and customizing it with the person's name and writing all the things that they are trying to accomplish with the candle on the seal (i.e., love, happiness, attraction).  The words are written in the Witch's Alphabet.  The seal goes face up with the words down.  No one else can touch your candle or seal but you.

Once the seal is finished, she takes the protective glass jar that houses the candle and adds the necessary herbs, incense and spices.  These smell so good.

She used several herbs and incense, but I am just showing
two of them.

After the herbs, incense and spices go into the glass jar, she begins to carve the candle with symbols from the Witch's Alphabet.  My candle was for love so the symbols on my candle all relate to that theme.

(I told you it was cool!)
(There are alot more carvings on the candle)

Once the candle is carved, she "dresses" it by rubbing it down with incense first and making sure that all the incense gets into the carvings.

Then she "annoits" the candle with the necessary oils and also rubs the oils into the candle the same way she did the incense.

The next step is to completely cover the candle with glitter in coordinating colors of the candle.  She then returns the candle to the glass jar and covers the top with plastic wrap to keep it secure. 

(It's so pretty in person and it smells amazing!)

See the crushed up bay leaves?  There's also cinnamon and
other spices in there.

She also gave me enough incense to burn for 7 nights because that is how long the candle is supposed to last.  Before you light your candle, you must burn the incense first and get the smoke and aroma mingling. Then you talk to the universe and tell it exactly what you want.  Light your candle and believe!! 

If you'd like to have a candle custom made for you or someone you love, please feel free to email my sister directly at or visit her on Facebook at Cat's Meow Occult Shop.

She also has an online metaphysical store where you can purchase everything from amulets to incense.  Check out the Cat's Meow Occult Shop.

Mention me and you will receive a free crystal with your order!

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