Sunday, November 16, 2014

Help for Winter Dry Hands & Lips


The change of weather has really taken a toll on my hands and nails - not to mention having a new kitten who is scratching, biting and shredding my poor hands. 

My friend, Anne, recommended that I try hand/nail products by Sunny's Body Products (formerly 365 Days of Color).  She has sugar hand scrubs, solid moisturizers, cuticle balms and oils and her lip balms are da bomb!  There are literally 100's of scents to choose from and everything is packaged in the most adorable prints. Her site is set up so that you can pick your own scent(s), or customize a kit,

She also offers seasonal "boxes" which are truly a work of art.  I am totally addicted to them. 

My cuticles were so dry, rough and disgusting from changing my nail polish so often and having to use pure Acetone to get the glitter off.  Sunny's products are truly life altering/game changing products folks!!  I feel a need to mention (at this point) that this is not a paid endorsement and that the products I am describing in this post were all paid for by me. 

I bought 2 of her Halloween boxes because the scents she chose for that box were amazing and I was lucky enough to receive a 3rd box as a gift in a Halloween Swap.  Each box usually comes with 6 products and some candy all themed out for that season. 

The Winter boxes will be releasing on November 21, 2014 and Sunny is introducing a new "body" product; Body Balm!!  I cannot wait to try it...I am so excited for its release. 

I'll let you in on a little secret...but don't tell anyone...she is also working on a body spray! 

The Winter Box may also be purchased without the body product so you will only get the hand/nail and lip products.   The box with the two new body products has 8 products total and the box without the body products has 6 products total.  You cannot go wrong either way!

Sunny's Body Products, Exclusive Christmas Box
Photo Courtesy of Lisa from The Cosmetics Sanctuary

If you decide to try any of Sunny's Body Products, please come back and let me know what you think. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blogazons Sephora Giveaway!

Hello beauties! The Blogazons are pleased to present to you another fabulous giveaway! 
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Giveaway featuring Jindie Nails!

Hey everyone! I have a special Halloween giveaway for you today.
I've teamed up with Jindie Nails to offer this fun prize! The winner will receive three limited edition Jindie polishes: Midnight Dancer, Freaks at the Fair, & Flowers in the Attic.
But that's not all! The lucky winner will also receive a $40 gift certificate to Jindie to pick out whatever pretties their heart desires!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beauty Blogazons Summer Giveaway!

Hello lovelies! Here's another fabulous giveaway from The Blogazons for you! Best of luck :)

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

IsThere Help for Excessive Hair Loss and Thinning Hair? Yes!

Hi loves!

You all know that I love my WEN...been using it for years and years.  I heard some people complain that they think it makes their hair fall out. 

I started experiencing excessive hair loss when I would cleanse my hair in the shower.  I lost so much hair that the drain in my shower would clog every single time I washed my hair....just from the hair that fell on the floor...I still had hair wrapped around my fingers and on the walls of my much hair!  I thought I must be going bald.  So, I stopped using the Wen and I switched over to sulfate free shampoo.  I did a 3-month trial.  If anything, I lost even more hair (from it being so knotty), not it could not be the Wen.

I take very good care of my hair.  I do weekly deep conditioning oil treatments/scalp massage, I use Wen Remoist, I only wash/style 2x per week, I use good hair products and thermal protectants on it.

I started talking to the girls in my beauty/nail groups and doing research...and I came to the conclusion that the culprit was medication I take for either my hypo-thyroidism and/or my high blood pressure.  Some friends told me that I needed to start taking Biotin.  So, I bought the lowest dose (1,000 mcg) and started taking it every morning.  Within one month I saw a difference...a big difference.  By the third month, I was jumping for joy.  But...I was still experiencing some measure of hair loss while cleansing (I went back to Wen and will never leave again). 

So...I bought a stronger dosage of Biotin...I skipped over the middle dosage (5,000 mcg) and went straight for the maximum dosage of 10,000 mcg.   Three months later...WOW WOW WOW.  I cannot believe what a difference it has made.  Life changing.  I kid you not!  I have virtually no hair loss now.  You have to see the pictures to believe this. 

I have to warn you that they are graphic...and a bit on the disgusting side.,.however, it's the only way for me to show you first hand how dramatic the difference is.  I'm saving the pictures until the end of this give you a chance to not have to look at them, if you are squeamish or think they might upset you.  LOL.  The reason for this warning is because I posted about this on my Facebook page awhile back and some woman reamed me out for posting the pictures and not giving any warning and she "unliked" me because of it.  So...I want to make sure that doesn't happen giving you fair warning.  I honestly didn't think the picture was a big deal, but I figure better safe than sorry.

Biotin is not only good for your hair to make it grow faster, longer and stronger... it's also good for your nails.  My nails have always been strong and hard, but the Biotin makes them grow like crazy.  Even my nail guy can't get over it.  I broke a nail below the was a really bad tear...and it was grown out in less than a week.  I have a pic of the break I'll show you.

If you are on medication, for anything, talk to your doctor about taking Biotin for your thinning hair and hair loss.  There are many shampoos and conditioners on the market with Biotin in them.  While I have never personally used any of them, I did buy several different brands for my oldest sister to experiment with, as she suffers from thinning hair.  None of them worked for her.  I've been trying to get her to try the Biotin supplements, but she refuses saying she takes too many pills as it is. 

If you do decide to try the Biotin supplements...please post or email me to let me know how you like it...and be sure to document your hair loss by taking pictures before you start and throughout your experiment. 

I use the Natrol Biotin which I get at for about $8.00.  If you spend $20+, you get free shipping.  I love this brand!!

This was just what was wrapped around my fingers and on
the walls of my shower.  The drain had even more hair.
Notice the giant clump of hair at the bottom of the picture...that's what scared me the most!

This picture was taken tonight after my shower.  This was what was wrapped around
my fingers.  Nothing on the walls and I didn't see any on the floor of the shower.
This is my hair now.  I changed it from red to brown with
blonde highlights. Still loving my InStyler!!
This was the nail that broke - Actually it ripped clean off.  That hurt!!!

This is after about 10 days.  Sorry for the blurry picture - but you
can see that it's completely grown out and I can file it, polish it, etc.
I thought it would take months to grow out.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

2 Year Blogaversary - Win a LE Custom Nail Polish!

Hi loves!

I can't believe it's that time feels like I was just collaborating with Pam from Girly Bits Cosmetics to make my glitter top coat, Jini Goes Indie! for my 1-year Blogaversary.'s 2-year Blogaversary is here!  This time, I teamed up with the amazing Missi from Different Dimension.  When I asked Missi about making this polish for me a few months ago, I knew I wanted star glitter...and lots of it.  I had no idea it would be the Spring/Summer sensation glitter among indie makers.  LOL.

Missi's original prototype was in a clear base...and I thought...well my first polish was a glitter topper in a clear base...albeit a gorgeous one...but still.  So, Missi, being the genius that she is, experimented with doing a colored jelly base (pink, purple, blue) and we both fell in love with the purple...but felt it still needed some more oomph.   Missi added a lot of shimmer and also some triangle pieces to give the appearance of "shooting stars" and Viole! a star was born ( pun intended).  We tossed around a few names, but STAR-ting Over spoke to both of us.  This polish was borne at a time in my life when I am doing just that...starting over...completely and totally.  The name seemed very apropos.

This polish is Limited Edition and will be only be available until the end of Summer, 2014.  Once it's gone, it's gone forever.  So be sure to get yours!  Please visit Different Dimension at their Etsy Shop and check out some of the other amazing polishes for sale also.

I'd like to thank Missi for creating this beautiful polish and @ermahgerdperlish for the amazing swatches and pictures. 

Would you like to win a bottle of this phenomenal polish?  All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me why you would like to win it.  That's easy!  I will accept entry posts until May 30th at 9:00 p.m. EST.  All applicable posts will be entered into and the winner will be announced here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
You can also find Different Dimension on Facebook here.

Thank you all for your continued means the world to me!



Please contact me within 48 hours.  Thank you all for entering!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Internet Dating: The Woes and Cons - A Survival Guide

Hi Loves!

I have been so busy lately...I feel like it's been forever since I last posted.  So sorry about that!!

I have so many new beauty products to test and review for you, nail polish too!  Stay tuned for those reviews to be posted soon...AND my two (2) year blog anniversary is coming up next month.  I still can't believe it's been two years!!  I am working on another polish to celebrate the big event.  It's a surprise and I cannot wait to share it with you all!!

You  know we talk about everything on my blog...from make up to recipes...but today I want to talk about internet dating.  Why?  Because it's driving me to the brink of madness!   LOL.

I've been separated from my husband for about 2 years (come this May).  When we first separated, I was was a long, painful, difficult, miserable road.  I don't think I got out of bed, other than to go to work, for the first year or more.  My family and friends were instrumental in getting me through those dark times and helping me to understand that life goes on.  So, one day I just picked myself up, dusted myself off and started living again.  I work in a very small office and there is no chance of meeting anyone through work.  I have my kids 24/7...and although my girls are not babies, we spend a lot of time together.  My kids are with me 99% of the time.  Their Dad does see them, but he usually either sees them at my house, or he takes them out for 2-3 hours and brings them right back.  He does not have them on any type of schedule and he never takes them for overnight visits. It's a very atypical, unusual situation and it definitely makes it difficult, if not impossible, for me to have any type of social life.  He has one, mind you...but I have the kids and they come first.

So,  I joined Match.Com and a couple of free dating websites, in the hopes of meeting some nice guys to talk to, date, go to the movies, dinner...that sort of thing.  I had really high hopes in the beginning.  I know of a few couples who have met online and are either married, engaged or in a serious relationship.  I hear of people who met online all the time and are successfully dating.  I figured how hard could it be, right? 

Well, let me tell you, it's damn near impossible.  I cannot believe how hard it is.  I don't know how it is for other women and men...but for me, I am completely and totally frustrated and disgusted. 

I am 51.  I get a lot of 20 something year olds looking for a relationship (yeah right!).  I am not a cougar!  Then there's the men in their 30's....they all seem to have some crazy fetish they want satisfied.  The men in their 40's seem to only want Friends with Benefits (FWB) or hook-ups.  The few men I've met in their 50's or even early 60's I just don't seem to click with.  No matter what their age, about 98% want to send naked pictures to me.  What the hell is up with that?  When did that become the social norm?  You exchange a few messages or emails, exchange phone numbers and open your text messages and whoop there it is.  I don't get it.  Now, please don't get me wrong...I'm not saying there is anything wrong with sexting, between two consenting adults...however, it's not something that I would ever be comfortable with - with a perfect stranger.  How are you supposed to lead off with naked pictures and phone sex before you've met and know if there is any chemistry whatsoever?  To me, that's a form of intimacy and I need to know you, trust you and really like you.  I'm sorry, I just don't get it and I never will.

I met this incredibly handsome guy named Chris on Match.Com last October.  He sent me a few pictures and I talked to him on the phone a couple times.  He was Portuguese and he spoke with a very heavy accent.  It was easier for us to text and email.  He told me that he was originally from Philly (where I am from) and that he had been in Texas on business for almost 6 months.  He told me he was a civil engineer working on a project for the Philippine government.  When the project was done, there was supposed to be a big meeting in the Philippines...except the Tsunami hit and he told me the meeting got rerouted to one of their satellite Lagos, Nigeria.  Now, I'm not a complete idiot...I saw red flags immediately...but Chris explained all that away with ease.  Now mind you, this is months in the making...we are approaching Valentine's Day at this point...and out of the clear blue sky he tells me that he "ran short" of money and needs my help.  $1,500 worth.  I was shocked.  I couldn't believe he'd asked me for money.  I had never heard about dating scams before, I never experienced one before, I just was blind sided.  I flatly refused to send him money and it got really ugly.  He said horrible things to me.  I just stopped talking to him.  He still, to this day, emails and texts me begging me to help him. 

Here's a couple pictures Chris sent to me (nice, huh?):

I have gone out on a couple of dates, none of them even worth mentioning.

I then tried the Facebook dating app, called Tinder.  The first person I met was a guy whom I'll call Jason.  He was 45 years old, good looking, the most beautiful bright green eyes, built incredible - huge, active military, special forces, total Type-A personality.  He was a total badass, but I liked him.  He was sarcastic, but funny.  We went out a few times and we always had a good time...but he was so incredibly selfish.  Everything was about him.  The guy didn't know how to say "please" or "thank you" or even a simple "good morning".  It drove me nuts.  He was also very aggressive in his mannerisms...which I did not like.  When I told him I didn't think we should see each other anymore...well, he didn't take it well. 

I talk to a lot of guys.  I try to give everyone the courtesy of a hello and a chance to see if we have anything in common, unless they disrespect me right from the get go w/a rude message or comment. I tried another free website, suggested by some friends.  I really liked this dating site a lot.  I met a guy (whom I'm going to call Anthony).  He's 44, blonde, blue eyed, muscular...completely adorable.  Did I mention I'm a sucker for blue eyes?  Anthony's profile says he is from Cherry Hill, NJ.  We chatted a few times and he then tells me that he is active military (Army) and stationed in the Sudan.  He asked if we could be friends on Facebook because it was easier for him to chat that way, as he had lost his cell phone in Iraq.  I don't normally do that...but I figured it was ok.  He sent me a few pictures...and every single picture is of him in uniform, usually with some military vehicle or gear or something in the background.  His helmet has his last name printed on the band of it.  I'm very suspicious of everyone now, since Chris turned out to be a scammer.  I got especially freaked out when Anthony told me that he was being where...of all places in the entire world...Nigeria.  I didn't believe him, but I hung in there.  I sent him a box of goodies (socks, candy...nothing crazy).  The box was sent to him in Nigeria, via an agent, not an APO/FPO.  I know he got it, because he sent me pictures of him with the stuff I sent.

For my birthday (on 04/02), I asked Anthony to send me a picture of him holding up a sign wishing me a happy birthday...which he did.  He was also holding a picture of me which I had sent to him previously in the box of goodies.  I figured what more proof could I ask for that he was real, right?

But, here's the problem.  I have a friend who's husband is in the military...and I have a male friend who just recently retired from the Army, a 22 year career combat vet, a Lt. Colonel...and they both tell me that Anthony is a fraud...a scammer if you will.  They both say the picture Anthony sent me for my birthday has been photoshopped.  But, I have other pictures of Anthony and it's the same guy.  I asked Anthony about that...he was pissed.  He swears the picture is 100% real, authentic.  Why would anyone go to such lengths to deceive me?  For what purpose?

I told Anthony about my concerns and he swears that he is 100% legitimate and he doesn't understand why "my friends" are saying that he is not.  

So...I asked him for proof...once and for all...I asked him to send me a picture of his military ID...but he refused.  He said he cannot do it and he cannot tell me why, other than he would be putting his job in jeopardy.  He has begged me, I mean begged me, repeatedly, to trust him - to believe in him, that he is not lying to me and he would never hurt me.  I stopped talking to him...but he didn't stop talking to me.  He asked me, he begged me, to please have faith in him.  I didn't talk to him for 5 days.  5 days of him messaging me, emailing me, begging me, pleading with me to hang in there...he'll be home soon and will answer all my questions and explain everything. 

So...what am I to do?  What would you do? 

I figure it this way...there is no harm in continuing to talk to him.  He hasn't asked me for anything.  I have pretty much given up on online dating at this point.  I think men are insane and I am so tired of dealing with all the BS.  So, if Anthony is telling me the truth...and he does come home some time in the near future...maybe there is a chance for us.  If he is a liar and/or scammer, I really haven't lost anything - other than time talking to him.  He seems genuine, warm, sweet and I enjoy talking to him. If he is the real deal, lucky me.  LOL.  Say a prayer for me please...that this doesn't come back to bite me yet again. I don't know how much more of this crap I can take.

I'd love to hear your dating stories.  Please share them with me here - in the comments or on my Facebook page. 

Thanks for listening and letting me vent. 


UPDATE 04/23/14:  Anthony (Alexander is the name he actually used) is a complete and total fraud.  I am very thankful to my friends who care about me and watch out for me...because that's how I found out.  My friends and the power of Google.  The funny thing is, the friends who seem to have my back the most, are people I've never met in real life.  They are FB friends and they are more real to me than some people I see and interact with every single day.  It's so nice to have friends that have your back.  I love you know who you are!!  xoxo